Custom Motorcycles: A 50% deposit is required for any custom build.  Parts need to be paid for in full.  Deposits are Non Refundable under any circumstances.  Deposits are used to buy the donor bike, order parts for the build/ service, time and research.  All custom builds are ordered and built upon your design, so they cannot be canceled or refunded.  Under special circumstances, a deposit may be returned, minus a 20% of total cost fee.

Due dates are a estimate only, actual times may vary.  Due to the age of the motorcycles, parts are very limited and some need to be fabricated from scratch.  It can take several months of searching for unobtainable parts for the build of a 40 + year old motorcycle.  Each bike is custom made to order, we do not rush any job or cut any corners, so times will vary.

All our work is guaranteed.  Custom 100% ground up built bikes by KSG are guaranteed from 1 year from delivery date against any defects.  Guarantee is only valid for the original owner of a Kick Start Garage brand bike.  We are not responsible for transportation to and from our facility.  Repair work is guaranteed for 30 days after delivery of bike.  If any other business, shop or person has tried to do any type of repair before contacting us, warranty will be void.  Warranty will be extended for the number of whole days that your bike has been in our possession for warranty repairs.  Contact us by phone or email with any problems between our normal business hours of 10am-6pm PST.  We are not AAA or a towing company, we can not and will not help you try and repair or pick up your bike after hours.  We can not troubleshoot your bike over the phone, bike must be brought back to us for any type of warranty work.  Any stop payment of a check or payment due to any type of problem with us will be treated as a crime as California law states.  After a reasonable amount of repair attempts, if the problem is still not rectified a refund will be issued.  Due to the nature of a vintage motorcycle and us not knowing the history or condition of a bike, all repairs made by us are the only parts under warranty.  KSG can not be held responsible for any other problems that arise in your vintage motorcycle.  Any problems or disputes must be brought to our attention before any other sources are contacted so we may be given the chance to rectify the situation.

Laws regulating motorcycles and motorcycle modification vary between states, provinces and municipalities. It is the rider’s responsibility to understand and comply with local laws. The manufacturer and retailer assume no responsibility for any use or application of this product in violation of any applicable law.

$30 per day storage fee applies to bikes not picked up within 3 days after you have been notified of completed work.


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